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Braces & Orthodontics for Kids

Secure a confident & healthy smile early on. Dr. Perry performs expert orthodontic screenings for children ages 7+.

Braces & orthodontics for Kids

Secure a confident & healthy smile early on. Dr. Perry performs expert orthodontic screenings for children ages 7+.

Braces & Orthodontics for Kids

Early Intervention

Although most orthodontic patients are teenagers and adults, some younger patients can greatly benefit from orthodontics and braces treatment in elementary school. Early orthodontic intervention helps prepare young patients with misalignments for a smoother orthodontic treatment once their permanent teeth erupt and can potentially eliminate the need for additional treatment later in life.

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Dental Problems That May Require Early Orthodontic Intervention:

Early orthodontic intervention is delivered while some baby teeth are still present. These treatments aim to guide the growth and development of the jaw and facial bones to promote an optimal tooth eruption pattern.

Early orthodontic intervention may be needed if your child:

Children who mouth-breathe consistently or have difficulty speaking, chewing, or swallowing may require orthodontic treatments in early childhood. Frequently, treatment can correct the underlying causes of these problems to relieve their symptoms.
Early orthodontic intervention prevents more serious issues from developing later on. Certain oral irregularities can worsen if not addressed in early childhood. Failing to treat these issues early on will likely make future orthodontic treatments longer and more complex. Children may still need additional treatment down the road, but it will be much smoother than it would if they did not receive treatment in childhood.

Before and After Braces and Orthodontics for Kids*

*Results may vary. Before and after images reflect real results from real patients, although individual results may vary.

There are multiple types of early orthodontic treatments and kid’s braces designed to address various oral alignment irregularities, including but not limited to:

Partial Braces:

Unlike full braces, where brackets are put on every tooth, partial braces typically only require brackets on 4 to 6 teeth. Partial braces are used on either the top or bottom arch. This early orthodontic intervention corrects minor misalignments and traumatic or harmful bites of school-aged children.

Palate Expanders:

Children with a narrow upper jaw or a crossbite may benefit from a palate expander. This fixed oral appliance is placed on the roof of the mouth and slowly expands the upper jaw to create more space for adult teeth to come in their correct positions.

Space Maintainers:

When a tooth comes out before the permanent tooth starts to erupt, space maintainers may be beneficial. Space maintainers prevent other teeth from drifting toward the space created by losing a tooth to ensure that the gap stays open for the unerupted adult tooth.

Baby Tooth Extractions:

Removing a baby tooth may be recommended to create space for the corresponding permanent tooth to erupt properly. Baby teeth that should have come out already but haven’t fallen out naturally may also be beneficial to remove to promote optimal oral development.


This removable oral appliance keeps the teeth in their current positions to prevent further misalignments.

Braces & Orthodontics for kids

Many patients will not require orthodontic treatment until after the baby teeth have fallen out and the permanent teeth have moved into place. The teenage years are typically the ideal time for most patients to begin their orthodontic journey since all the permanent teeth are present and the jaws are almost fully developed. However, adults are also usually great candidates for orthodontic treatment. In fact, adults are often some of the best orthodontic patients since they are often extremely committed to complying with their treatment plan.

Traditional metal braces are no longer the patient’s only option to achieve their dream smile. There are multiple tooth-straightening options that can correct the same misalignments as metal braces, including practically invisible treatments, such as clear aligners / Invisalign. The average treatment time for most teens and adults is approximately 18-24 months, although treatment time can vary widely depending on the complexity of the case.

Orthodontic treatment can solve almost every possible bite issue but achieving a perfectly aligned smile relies on good patient compliance. Wearing elastic bands consistently, staying up on follow-up appointments for adjustments, wearing retainers as instructed, and practicing outstanding home care often lead to positive outcomes. This commitment involves frequent preventive visits with your general dentist and hygienist as well.
Harbor Family Orthodontics specializes in helping our orthodontic patients enjoy a successful outcome: a gorgeous, healthy smile.

Braces and Orthodontics for Kids near East Patchogue.

At your child’s screening at Harbor Family Orthodontics, Dr. Perry will examine your child’s tooth and jaw alignment by taking a series of x-rays and performing a visual exam. Then, he will discuss his findings with you. He may point out that your child’s teeth appear crowded or widely spaced or the relationship between the upper and lower teeth isn’t ideal. He will indicate if he believes early orthodontic intervention would benefit your child and discuss treatment options. If your child does not require treatment immediately, Dr. Perry can monitor the child’s oral development and examine their smile every 6 to 12 months, free of charge.


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Super friendly office! Dr Perry takes plenty of time explaining all treatment options and answered all inquisitive questions from the kids and parents. Fun and bright office, very welcoming and not intimidating to kids!
Jill L.
I love everyone and everything at this office. Everyone is always so nice and helpful. And the results for my kids have made me decide to do it for myself.
Stacy N.
From Dr Perry to all of the staff everyone here is top notch! Highly recommend to anyone looking for braces or Invisalign to straighten their teeth!

Lisa M.

Dr. Perry and his staff are great! I really like how they interact with my son. I also appreciate that he was more conservative then the previous orthodontist and started him with a pallet expander instead of pulling out 4 teeth.

Jessica D.

My son has started the orthodontic process with Dr. Perry, and we cannot be happier! The consult was very thorough, including high-tech imaging. Dr. Perry met with us, reviewed my son’s images told us my son’s orthodontic plan during the initial consult. The office staff is always friendly and accommodating!

Crissy E.
Dr. Perry and his staff are kind, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Would highly recommend for all orthodontic needs!
Anushka P.

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